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Student-athlete in cycling and Carabin Athlete in cross-country running in Organizational Leadership Certificate, HEC Montreal
Manufacturing engineer at Zimmer Biomet
Female athlete of the year in cross-country running
Carabins of University of Montreal
Quebec provincial First All-Star Team in 2015 and 2016
Awarded from Le Souper des Champions
2011 -2016
Student-athlete in cycling and Carabin Athlete in cross-country running in Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnique Montreal
DeVinci Excellence scholarship, Polytechnique Montreal
Rewards academic excellence and balance in diversity of achievements, talents and skills
Head of sponsorships at Falcon composites
Encourage and recruit new athletes
Develop and design sponsorship programs
Follow up with the Falcon athletes
Manage social media related to the Falcon athletes
Fast and Female Ambassador
Supervise young girls aged from 8 to 18 in the initiation of cycling
Lead and supervise mountain biking and bmx sessions
Promote sports and an active lifestyle to young girls and help develop their self-confidence
Share my experience and technical knowledge as an elite mountain bike female athlete
Kicking Horse Coffee ambassador
Participate in Kicking Horse Coffee marketing activities
Gawa Clothing ambassador
Photoshoot and videos for Gawa Clothing
Lead conferences on sports, female leadership and empowerment, and sport-study conciliation with the Jonquière figure skating club.
Blogger for Cycling Outlet
Write articles related to the cycling community on the blog section of Cycling Outlet website
Workshop developer and animator at Student's services, Polytechnique Montreal
Prepare, develop and lead workshops on efficient studying, time management and exams preparation
Prepare learning materials
Help new students and those with academic difficulties by supplying ideas and solutions or by guiding them towards resources
Know different kinds of helpful services available at Polytechnique Montreal
Athlete of the year, Club Cyclone d'Alma
Engineer intern at Dallaire Consultant
Project management
HVAC techhnical drawings
Judge at the Quebec Provincial Engineer competition
Evaluate presentations from the junior teams of Quebec universities according to their theoretical knowledge, practices, time management, innovation, compliance with regulations and design.
Evaluate junior teams finalists' prototype's performances in accordance to the scale points
Know the processes to elaborate, design and build a mechanical robot prototype under strict time and material regulations
Awarded from La Fondation Alexis le Trotteur