About me!

Live fully every single moment

There is more to life than just bikes

27 years old;
Athlete, but what else?
13 years of experience as a competitive figure skater;
Developped my own mountain bike racing team Marin x PEPPERMINT in 2017;
Mountain bike with the Cyclone d'Alma club since 2004;
Captain of the Carabins' cross-country team at the University of Montreal.

In my dreams this year!

Be selected: for the UCI 2019 World Championship
Win: A Canada Cup
Top 20: for a world cup on american soil
Top 3: at the canadian national championship
Top 5: in a North American racing event
Top 25: for a world cup in Europe

Surround yourself with positivity! It’s hard enough to stay focused on your goal and stay positive. If you surround yourself with people who share the same goals as you do or who support what you do, you’ll see, it becomes a lot easier !


But dreaming about more!

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games;
Become Canadian National Champion;
Being a professional cyclist.